Practice Areas

Wealth Management

In its simplest form, it is about how wealth is preserved, managed and transferred. We work closely with our clients in developing wealth management strategies in the current regulatory requirements, commercial environments and tax obligations.

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Start Ups

Nothing is more than daunting for a Start-Up than to manoeuver in the legal minefield of documentations. A proper set of investment agreement and shareholders agreement will set the framework for future rounds of fund raising.

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Family Law

We developed comprehensive legal services that are curated for the family. We are able to prepare Deed Poll for a name change. And if you need to adopt a child legally, we can provide with the legal assistance in Legal Adoption.

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Immigration to Singapore

Are you planning to move to Singapore for study or work? Do you plan to live in Singapore under an investor’s visa? Do you have a foreign spouse that may need to apply for Long Term Visit Pass?

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Commercial Law

We protect the legal rights of our clients by helping them to reduce the verbal agreements into legally enforceable contracts. Trust is now a rare commodity and a properly drafted legal commercial contract will provide a lot of clarity in the conduct of your business.

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Real estate is a Singaporean passion. We have helped numerous clients in selling and buying of private and and/or public properties in Singapore. We act for financial institutions in the loan documentations for the sale and/or purchase.

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Sustainable Energy

The threat from global warming is becoming a reality. With a short runway, there is an urgent need to invest heavily in clean renewable energy.

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Restructuring Insolvency

The Covid19 pandemic will start a tsunami of defaults for businesses. Liquidation may be the end-game but it is destructive in nature. We helped companies facing impending liquidation to restructure instead. There are many options apart from liquidation.

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